Plexaure speedboat. The jewel in the Ufast crown

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Article du Journal Des Entreprises de Novembre 2012:


Following Lézardrieux and Roscoff, the nautical brigade of Quiberon now has its own Plexaure speedboat. Budget? 480 000 Euros before tax. This new tool of the French Gendarmerie is efficient: it is an aluminium boat with a range of ten hours that can reach speeds of up to 34 knots, thanks to its two 315 hp engines. With 360-degree visibility from the cabin and hydrojet propulsion for better handling. It was built by the Ufast shipyard in Quimper. A worthy replacement for the White Shark boats by Kelt, previously located in Vannes.

Judicial missions

With this new sports coupé, the army will be able to intervene along the coast. A coastline that suffers the onslaught of four million tourists every year. The territorial waters and the five-mile limit remain the domain of the maritime Gendarmerie. Thanks to the Plexaure, the nautical brigade will mainly carry out judicial missions, although it may relay with the Cross d’Etel, the local operational surveillance and rescue centre, if pleasure boaters are in distress. “The discovery of bodies at sea, underwater investigations and criminal identification are some of our missions”, explains Emmanuel Bougon, captain to the group commander Sylvain Laniel. “We also conduct fishing controls. There are tensions currently around goose neck barnacles with Spanish fishermen.” Not forgetting all sorts of trafficking.


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