Security Defense

Ufast / Ship Builder Ufast / Rapid craft

Ship building at the service of maritime security

In order to face new security challenges at sea, Ufast has developed a complete range of craft devoted to all maritime security trades. In a constant search for performance and reliability, Ufast builds craft and river, coastal and maritime surveillance patrol boats designed for navies, coast-guards, the gendarmerie, customs, Civil Defense, etc.


UFAST expertise and innovations

Designed around the innovative concepts of the deep V-shaped double-chine hull, the beak hull and the stepped hull, Ufast boats can reach rapid pursuit speeds. These hull shapes combine perfect seaworthiness and exceptional comfort. These characteristics have been concretely proven by multiple units navigating on seas throughout the world. Thanks to their long range, they can effectively fulfil their role in maritime defense and security.


Patrol boats and surveillance craft

Interception craft

R.I.B / Rigid Inflatable Boat