The first 33-metre patrol boat exits the Ufast workshop in Quimper

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Virginie Monnier Fleury, manager of the Ufast shipyard Thursday 18 April 2013

©Guillaume PLISSON, photo rights free

©Guillaume PLISSON, photo rights free


As part of its partnership with the Lorient firm Raidco Marine, the Ufast shipyard has just rolled out its first 33-metre patrol boat entirely designed and built in Quimper. This important operation precedes the final launch and test phase prior to delivery. This is a significant event for the yard but also for the town of Quimper as it is the largest boat ever built and launched in the port of Corniguel. With a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) hull to facilitate cleaning, this patrol boat is destined for a foreign navy. Its mission will be to contribute to the sovereignty of this country in its maritime space.


The risks and illegal activities at sea are on the rise unfortunately: terrorism, piratry, trafficking of all sorts, illegal fishing, illegal immigration… From fishing police to inspection and assault teams, the modern patrol boat needs to cover a wide variety of missions within the context of State Action as Sea.


At the same time, navies and administrations interested in this type of boat are increasingly confronted with budgets that are too tight to purchase combat units that are complex to operate and costly to maintain. The RPB 33 was therefore designed as a new type of patrol boat offering innovative feature particularly suited to maritime security missions.


©Guillaume PLISSON, photo rights free

©Guillaume PLISSON, photo rights free


This is an efficient and robust craft, with excellent seaworthiness and the ability to operate long patrols in a country exclusive economic zone. All the prevention and action resources required for the tasks of surveillance and policing at sea are on board: a 6.20 metre rapid intervention craft, hgih-tech communications equipment, modern navigational and identification aids are all part of the standard equipment. With great stamina for a boat of this size, this patrol boat provides an economic solution to the surveillance and security of maritime approaches. From a flying bridge with panoramic vision overlooking the superstructures, the crew has a rapid overview of their surroundings: piloting, the right manoeuvres for the intervention craft, situation reports and controlling the means of action are all ensured. The Ufast shipyard offers a complete range of craft, motor boats and patrol boats designed for State Action at Sea, of up to 35 metres. The various contracts signed with the French Administration (DGA, Marine Nationale, Gendarmerie, Police) have led to the development of specific, efficient solutions.


The yard has also just finished the purchase of new plant to restart building a series of twenty-metre RPB 20 motorboats known in France as VCSM (24 boats operated by the Gendarmerie Maritime). The Ufast shipyard is organised for series contruction of modular platforms enabling specific, cost-effective adaptations to meet the specific needs of its customers. In addition, these contract increasingly include additional services such as crew training, delivery of spare parts and maintenance in the field (operational readiness).


Following the creation in 2011 of an aluminium construction workshop to complement the composites workshop, Ufast has increased its production capacity in new workshops to over 2000 m².


chantier naval Ufast

Chantier naval UFAST – 149 bis, avenue du Corniguel – Port du Corniguel – 29 000 QUIMPER France – Tel : +33 (0)2 98 53 63 68 – Fax : +33 (0)2 98 53 63 41 –


The management of Ufast wishes to underline the efforts of the whole staff at the yard for this quality construction that came in contractually on time. Ufast places considerable important on the qualification and versatility of its employees so that almost all boats are built internally. To accompany its growth, Ufast is currently seeking laminators, outfitters, carpenters, mechanics, boiler workers and welders.


maquette ufast

©Ufast, maquette libre de droit



  • Coque en CVR et superstructure en aluminium pour faciliter l’entretien,


  • Carène à doubles bouchains pour une meilleure tenue à la mer,


  • Passerelle surélevée panoramique spécialement adaptée aux missions,


  • Embarcation d’intervention rapide semi-rigide mise en oeuvre à partir d’un radier (rampe inclinée) pour faciliter son emploi par tous les temps,


  • Maintenabilité élevée pour réduire les coûts d’entretien,


  • Automatisation poussée pour limiter les besoins en personnel,


  • Installations conformes aux règlements de l’Organisation Maritime Internationale (OMI) concernant le respect de l’environnement.