Ufast and Raidco deliver a new-generation patrol boat to Senegal

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The Senegalese patrol boat Ferlo, first RPB 33 unit - credits: GUILLAUME PLISSON

The Senegalese patrol boat Ferlo, first RPB 33 unit – credits: GUILLAUME PLISSON


Its name is Ferlo and the least one can say is that it looks good. The latest in a range of patrol boats designed by Raidco Marine and the Breton shipyard Ufast, this vessel has just been delivered to the Senegalese navy. It is leaving Lorient port for Dakar, and the crew has received complete operational training. This was provided by Raidco Marine, who also have a three-man crew on board for the journey to Senegal.


Today we are unveiling the first images at sea of this first RPB 33, views taken by Guillaume Plisson during the intensive trials off the coast of Brittany. According to Raidco Marine, these tests “highlight the exceptional nautical qualities of the Camarc-designed hull and the operational capacities of the vessel, thanks to the surelevated flying bridge with panoramic vision, its intervention RIB, modern communications equipment and navigational aids, its wide radius of action and means of prevention and action entirely suited to its missions”.






le Ferlo



Le Ferlo



Able to fly at more than 40 knots.


The first RPB 33 unit, the Ferlo, as its name indicates, measures 33 metres long. Launched from a ramp at the stern, its 6.15-metre rapid intervention RIB can exceed speeds of 40 knots. Able to comfortably house a crew of 18 sailors, the patrol boat has a range of 1500 miles at 15 knots and enables a one-week stay at sea without refuelling. For propulsion on this model, Raidco Marine and Ufast offer the customer a choice of drive shafts or hydrojets on the RPB 33, enabling it to reach speeds of over 40 knots. For weaponry, the Ferlo will be fitted with a 20mm canon and two 12.7mm machine guns, to be mounted in Senegal.


Le Ferlo    Le Ferlo


Two new units for Togo


With an aluminium superstructure, this patrol boat can be made with a composite (glass/resin) or steel hull. Whereas the Ferlo uses GRP, two new RPB 33 ordered by Togo, will have steel hulls. They will be built by the STX shipyards in Lorient, with Ufast in charge of superstructures and outfitting. The two Togolese patrol boats were delivered in March and July 2014.



Le Ferlo     Le Ferlo

Raidco Marine and Ufast are investing a lot in this new generation vessel, developed to meet the growing need for surveillance and inspection of maritime spaces (fight against trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism and piratry, fishing policing, etc.). These missions require the use of robust, seaworthy vessels, able to conduct long patrols in the exclusive economic zone and equipped with effective means of prevention and intervention. All this needs to be provided to meet very strong requirements concerning construction, operating and maintenance costs



A wide range of patrol boats



Vue 3D du patrouilleur  Vue 3D arrière du patrouilleur

View of the future OPV 45 (©: RAIDCO MARINE)


With the RPB 33, Raidco Marine completes its range, extended with the 20-metre boat (RPB 20, 60 units sold) to the 70-metre patrol boat (OPV 70, first in the series sold to Morocco in 2011). And the new 45-metre boat, the OPV 45, a first unit of which was ordered by Senegal. This vessel, to be built by STX Lorient, will be delivered in one year.